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A World Beyond Product Liking: Putting Sensory and Consumer Research to Work for You.

Most people in the food industry know what sensory evaluation is – or at least have heard of it, even if they aren’t completely sure what it involves. Something to do with taste tests and finding out if people like … Continue reading

Cactus IFT Presents: Food Evolution Film Screening

Cactus IFT is hosting a film screening of the new Documentary FOOD EVOLUTION. Come join your peers at FilmBar, and enjoy an engaging and educational film, which will be followed by a group discussion and networking. Round up your colleagues, family, and … Continue reading

Farm to Fork: U of A Students Share New Food Safety Technologies

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” – Benjamin Franklin When Jesse Leal, International Auditor and Trainer Food Defense, AIB International, was asked what he would suggest the No. 1 action be taken to improve the safety … Continue reading

The Cactus IFT Food Safety Event: From Farm to Fork

The Cactus IFT Food Safety Event: From Farm to Fork   What? The Cactus IFT is having its next meeting at the University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ, home of the Wildcats. The theme of this event is Food Safety: Farm … Continue reading

4 Promises to IFT Members

Contributor: Tedley Pihl, Cactus Section IFT President At the 75th annual National IFT (Institute of Food Technologists) meeting in Chicago this last July, IFT President-Elect Dr. Colin Dennis spoke on the Vision, Mission and Strategic Plan of the Institute.   The … Continue reading

Cactus Section IFT Gives Back to the Community

In addition to being an organization that fosters business relationships and learning opportunities, Cactus Section IFT is an asset to the community. Recently, members of the Section gave back by attending the “Rock n’ Box” volunteer night at the St. … Continue reading

A Tomato, My Kingdom for a Tomato

I suspect that I have never gone a day without a tomato of some kind. Life would not be life, as I know it, without tomatoes. If flavor is king, in fact, then I’d venture to say that the king … Continue reading

Member Spotlight: Madonna Kash

The success of an organization depends on the dedication of its members. Cactus Section IFT has benefited greatly from Madonna Kash’s commitment and leadership. Her experience and knowledge from being an active member of the food science and culinary fields … Continue reading

Give Networking A Chance

To some, the thought of entering a room filled with strangers all with an eager intent to shake hands and exchange business cards can be daunting. The intimidating atmosphere can make you feel uneasy, unworthy, and unknowledgeable. For these reasons, … Continue reading

Member Spotlight: Holly Long

This year would not have been successful without the hard work and dedication of the Cactus Section IFT Chair, Holly Long. Holly has spent hours scheduling events and organizing meetings. Here are some questions we asked her: When did you join … Continue reading