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Busting Myths About the Food Industry

The food industry, processing, GMOs, artificial ingredients, globalization, oh my! It’s hard to blame consumers for believing in myths about food. They are blinded with all the choices vying for attention at the supermarket and schizophrenic news headlines that muddy … Continue reading

Two Ways to Truly Benefit from Suppliers’ Night

This year’s Cactus Section IFT Suppliers’ Night provides you with the unique opportunity to meet face to face with fellow professionals in the food, beverage, and nutraceutical industries. Suppliers come to show the services, ingredients, or equipment they can offer … Continue reading

Ancient Seeds for Modern Needs

The Southwest has a long and rich agricultural history. From the time that the first settlers migrated to the region about 4,000 years ago, crops such as corn, beans, squash, and amaranth were staple items of diets. Many of the … Continue reading

What Is IFT Doing About Food Myths?

Cactus Section IFT recently invited the Immediate Past President of IFT, John Ruff, to speak about misinformation and misperception of food science. These myths surrounding the food industry only spread misleading and invalid beliefs among the public. The accuracy of … Continue reading

What is a Section of Excellence?

IFT named the Cactus Section the 2011-2012 Section of Excellence. You may have seen recognition highlighted in previous newsletters or on the Cactus Section IFT website; however, if you are new to the organization or missed the announcement, you may … Continue reading

Member Spotlight: Lorraine Hansen

There many fantastic members in Cactus IFT that support our club. Without you, we would not be as successful as we are. We would like to recognize a very dedicated member, Lorraine Hansen, our Treasurer for over 10 years. How … Continue reading

A Tasty Night at Queen Creek Olive Mill

The science behind producing quality olive oil is more than you may think. Everything from the type of olive tree to the time the olives are harvested can influence the taste and quality of oil that is produced. Cactus IFT … Continue reading

Inside Fairytale Brownies

On June 4th, the Operations Lead Manager of Fairytale Brownies Kim Silva hosted the Cactus Section of the IFT for a tour of the Fairytale Brownies facility. The information-packed tour explained how the company started and the challenges they faced … Continue reading