Member Spotlight: Madonna Kash

Madonna Kash, Cactus Section IFT ACF Liaison

Madonna Kash, Cactus Section IFT ACF Liaison

The success of an organization depends on the dedication of its members. Cactus Section IFT has benefited greatly from Madonna Kash’s commitment and leadership. Her experience and knowledge from being an active member of the food science and culinary fields makes her insight invaluable to the Section. Here are some questions we asked her:

How long have you been a member of IFT?

I have been professional member of IFT for three years. 

How did you find out about IFT?

I was introduced to IFT by Lynn Abarr-Boubelik.

Why do you stay involved in IFT?

I enjoy learning about all aspects of the food service industry and working with liked minded individuals. I also enjoy the opportunities to help others and share knowledge.  

What do you do professionally?

Food service marketing, training, and professional development is my best answer for that, yet I’m shaking that up in 2015 by adding event planning back into my portfolio. I have taken over the sales and marketing of a 50 year old entertainment company, which includes catering.  I am also a proctor for the National Restaurant Association for ServSafe.  

How has IFT benefited your career?

The IFT added creditably to my portfolio and affords me opportunities to help others see there’s more to food service beyond a commercial kitchen.  

If you had to choose, what has been your favorite IFT event? Why?

The meeting with John Ruff, Immediate Past President of IFT, would have to be my favorite. I really enjoyed learning about industry trends, functional roles of food science, and what is developing today to better tomorrow.  

Do you enjoy any hobbies? If so, what?

Learning.  I love learning about food, food service, and sustainability. I also love connecting people with information for community development.   

What would you eat for your last meal?

I would eat any vegetarian or vegan meal made by Chef Bernard Guillas while dinning at the Marine Room. The meal would include: DIY; roasted mixed beets with olive oil and rosemary; Brussels sprouts with lemon butter, toasted almonds, and parmesan cheese; and roasted fingerling potatoes with white pearl onions. My beverage of choice would be a nice red wine such as a shiraz with the meal. For dessert, I’d have Leonidas Pralines with a Nutty Irishman cordial.