What is a Section of Excellence?

Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 5.03.20 PMIFT named the Cactus Section the 2011-2012 Section of Excellence. You may have seen recognition highlighted in previous newsletters or on the Cactus Section IFT website; however, if you are new to the organization or missed the announcement, you may be wondering what the award means and how we can continue to maintain our status as a superior section.

Here is the official explanation of the Section of Excellence award:

“This recognition symbolizes your section’s commitment to IFT, your section members, and the food science and technology profession. The section should be a vibrant community of dedicated professionals that embody the spirit of IFT. The events held throughout the year, exemplary volunteers, dedication to students, and excellence in leadership demonstrate ongoing devotion to ensuring that the section will flourish for years to come.”

While it’s flattering to be presented with the award in the past, we should strive to meet (or exceed) the award expectations as our section continues to grow. By striving to reach these goals, we can continue to represent the characteristics of a Section of Excellence:

  • Submit the section Annual Report and Financial Report by the deadline
  • Continue to nurture membership stability and growth
  • Organize at least three meetings each year
  • Keep the section website and newsletter up-to-date
  • Demonstrate commitment to future generations of food scientists and their community

If you have any suggestions about how to best meet these goals, please feel free to contact any of the Cactus Section IFT board members. We appreciate your supporting efforts to retain the excellent status of the Cactus Section IFT.

– Gillean Barkyoumb, Cactus Section IFT member