What Is IFT Doing About Food Myths?


John Ruff, Immediate Past President of IFT, spoke about myths affecting the food industry.

Cactus Section IFT recently invited the Immediate Past President of IFT, John Ruff, to speak about misinformation and misperception of food science.

These myths surrounding the food industry only spread misleading and invalid beliefs among the public. The accuracy of our sources and news is often questionable and that can lead to confusion, negative perceptions of food science, myths about food processing, and unwarranted fear of technology.

John touched on how IFT plans to aggressively counterattack these myths and advocate the importance of food science for the benefit of future generations. While he admits that it will take time, collaboration, advocacy and vision can build confidence in science and the food system.

For a brief summary of John’s talk, watch this video featured on the Food Product Design website.